Founded in 1984, in Mumbai, Powerica Limited is a power generation company with an approx. 1430 employee count. Powerica Limited uses diesel, as well as alternate fuels and the wind to supply power to customers in base load, prime, and standby applications.

Mr. Vinay Barar, Vice President, Marketing,Powerica standing in front of company's building

Mr. Vinay Barar, Vice President, Marketing,Powerica


Powerica was facing number of challenges because of its previous service provider. The biggest challenge was the lower mailbox storage for its user. File sharing was a major problem and the email system was PC dependent. The absence of a global directory, 3-way syncing of data, backup provision and non-availability of ways for archiving data contributed to a poor support system. The dependence on IT department was a hindrance to the smooth functioning of work. To be able to access emails through different devices on the move was again a hassle. The mobile facility was extended to limited users only, and even that came with a limited space.


Powerica was looking for a cloud based mail solution that would address these problems along with providing smooth backup and data archiving system. It started using G Suite as their primary email service provider in order to seek solutions to these challenges.

The experience with G Suite has been effortless and seamless. We have been working on this for 2 years and are delighted with the Apps. I can safely say our business’s need for speed in this rapidly changing world has been met.

— Mr. Vinay Barar, Vice President, Marketing,Powerica

Mr. Vinay Barar, Vice President, Marketing,Powerica using G Suite on his laptop

G Suite delivers an effortless and seamless experience


With its expansive mailbox size, the company realized that storage space was not a constraint anymore. Only 3 users utilized 100% space and 38 out of 725 users used up to 80% of their 30 GB space till date. “Today, we are transacting half a million emails every month,” says Mr. Vinay Barar, Vice President, Marketing, Powerica.

We currently have 172 out of 725 users, mainly in the marketing function. All the users have really appreciated the 3-way sync feature which streamlines business operations seamlessly!

— Mr. Vinay Barar, Vice President, Marketing,Powerica.

G Suite allowed an extensive sharing/ editing of Google documents. Powerica has 121,841 files stored in their Google Drive that the employees can access from anywhere, at any time. It facilitates login from any device, which abated the dependence on the PCs. With G Suite, the company requires very less internal IT support as the functionality is smooth and user-friendly.

Mr. Vinay Barar, Vice President, Marketing,Powerica using G Suite standing next to a power genset model

Power Genset model (R)

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