IndiaMART is one of India’s largest online marketplaces, offering buyers a powerful platform to search for millions of products, and connecting them to reliable, competitive suppliers.

IndiaMART sought to boost its productivity and empower its employees to make better decisions by adopting cloud-based messaging and collaboration tools – with the ultimate goal of connecting its staff, customers and business partners across India.


We wanted to move to cloud-based computing, and Google’s speed and availability won us over. It’s helped us to collaborate more efficiently and make better decisions.

— Dinesh Agarwal, CEO, IndiaMART

Dinesh Agarwal, CEO, IndiaMART

Dinesh Agarwal, CEO, IndiaMART

As a result, the company began using G Suite. Before long, more than 4,000 of its employees in 75 locations across India were using G Suite as their primary messaging and collaboration suite. Thanks to the migration, IndiaMART was also able to move its employees onto a single email platform.

The company is now in the process of rolling out other collaborative tools such as Google Docs, which allows staff to share files and work together in real time, with file versions available wherever and whenever they work.

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