Traditionally, customer support has been a reactive role. Customers used to reach out to businesses only when they had a complaint or issue. That model has now changed with customers becoming more social and vocal. Today, customers expect great service even before they raise an issue and businesses have no choice but to be proactive and engage with them through communities and social media.

Freshdesk’s customer support software makes it incredibly easy for businesses to interact with their customers however their customers want to communicate with them - via email, chat, phone, and even social channels like Twitter and Facebook. And they can manage all of those interactions all from a single place. Today, the Freshdesk Software as a Service (SaaS) helpdesk is used by over 30,000 businesses in 120 countries to support their customers.

Here they share some of their tips for international expansion.

1- Get everyone on the same page, from anywhere

With Google Apps, Freshdesk teams can use any device to work simultaneously on the latest versions of documents. There's no need to attach files to emails.

2- Look for every opportunity to save time

Freshdesk employees now collaborate seamlessly across the world and save hundreds of hours a month, with Google Apps. The company uses that time to focus on keeping customers happy.

3- Give people the flexibility to use the device they choose

Google Apps works on any device, allowing people to stay productive at the office, at home, or on the go. This is particularly critical for an international organisation

4- Run a global team with minimal IT staffing

Today, Freshdesk runs with minimal IT staffing, having optimized the use of the IT infrastructure and relying on cloud-based solutions

5- Create a central place where people can come together

Freshdesk employees interact via a private community called Freshnet, which runs on Google+. It's a place for exchanging ideas, sharing information and connecting across different countries.

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