AdWyze is a deeply integrated digital marketing automation platform that enables advertisers to easily manage and scale up their digital ad campaigns. By breaking down data silos, the platform provides marketers with valuable, actionable insights in a single location.

Gmail is something we absolutely love. We use it day in, day out,

— Ankur Gupta, Co-founder, AdWyze

AdWyze has used G Suite from the very beginning. The company uses Google Drive and Calendar on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Google Drive helps AdWyze manage the incredibly large volumes of data it has to contend with, without having to worry about storage.

Team members at AdWyze in India working smoothly with G Suite

G Suite is a very affordable solution, which is why we’ve been using it since day one. It helps us perform our operations smoothly.

— Ankur Gupta, Co-founder, AdWyze

Just a year after launching, AdWyze has already bagged some of India’s top e-commerce companies as clients.

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